Marvel SNAP Meta Report (Ranked) — July 6th, 2024 (2024)

Welcome to the Untapped.ggMarvel SNAP Meta Report, where each week we review thebest decks and strategies in Marvel SNAP. This report is focused on the Ranked mode and lists the current best decks from 170k in Infinite ranks since Arishem was added to the game. Let’s get into it.

Marvel SNAP Tier List

First things first, let’s look at Marvel SNAP’s meta snapshot. The Tier List shows Arishem and Darkhawk decks overperforming, with a +0.14 and +0.13 average cube rates respectively. Worth mentioning, that on top of being the best decks in the game, they also have a whopping 44.0% and 6.3% popularity, making it more than half of the meta in Infinite ranks and therefore extremely likely that you will run into them on ladder.

Marvel SNAP Meta Report (Ranked) — July 6th, 2024 (1)

Diving a bit deeper into the data, we can see that Arishem decks are still evolving since only 4 of the most commonly played cards, including Arishem, Blob, Quinjet, and Agent Coulson, are present in 80% or more of Arishem-based decks. The most popular Arishem deck sports a 54.4% winrate and +0.26 average cube rate, making it better than the archetype average by quite a bit.

Most Popular Arishem Deck

Marvel SNAP Meta Report (Ranked) — July 6th, 2024 (2)

Most Popular Arishem Cards

Marvel SNAP Meta Report (Ranked) — July 6th, 2024 (3)

Moving over to Darkhawk decks, we see that it typically features titular card Darkhawk alongside Korg and Rock Slide as staples, and its most popular build has a 55.7% winrate and +0.34 average cube rate.

Most Popular Darkhawk Deck

Marvel SNAP Meta Report (Ranked) — July 6th, 2024 (4)

Most Popular Darkhawk Cards

Marvel SNAP Meta Report (Ranked) — July 6th, 2024 (5)

Going down one step in the Tier List we find Loki, High Evo, Ramp, and Zoo at the top of Tier B. Their winrate and average cubes are similar but the fact that Ramp has a much lower popularity might be an advantage since other players won’t expect and are more likely to have fewer tech cards against it.

Marvel SNAP Meta Report (Ranked) — July 6th, 2024 (6)

Looking at the other side of that coin, the fact that High Evo represents 3.9% of the meta could be a potential — albeit small — risk since players will likely adapt to it, or even try to counter it. If you choose to play it or one of the other most popular Marvel SNAP archetypes in the meta, be mindful of the possibility of facing tech cards that could affect your play.

Most Popular Cards in Marvel SNAP

A good way of understanding the Marvel SNAP meta at a more granular level—that could also help if you think your deck could be targeted—is to look at our Card Tier List and check for popular cards.

Marvel SNAP Meta Report (Ranked) — July 6th, 2024 (7)

Out of the nine most popular Marvel SNAP cards in Infinite ranks since the Arishem’s release, only two are tech cards that you should be prepared to face. The most popular among them being Shang-Shi, present in over half of decks at the moment. So if your deck is particularly susceptible to it, you might want to adjust your game plan or even which deck to play! Furthermore, we see Rogue with 33.8% popularity, meaning that is likely you face it one out of 3 games. Darkhawk enjoyers beware!

This doesn’t mean that affected decks become unplayable, since your opponent still needs to draw these cards and find the right time to play them to generate impact. It is just a good exercise to do that could elevate your performance by a significant margin.

Understanding Matchups

Adding a new dimension to our analysis, we can talk about Deck or Archetype matchups. As we’ve mentioned, Marvel SNAP decks have strengths and weaknesses, and understanding them can help you dominate the Meta. If you realize you are facing a deck you are favored against, you should be snapping more aggressively, increasing the stakes at play given that you are more likely to win those games. On the contrary, when in an unfavored game, you should consider retreating every time your opponent Snaps if you don’t feel like you have a great hand.

This discipline will boost the average cubes you wins and help you climb more easily since gaining cubes is more important than wins In SNAP. For those who want to explore the infinite possibilities, the Marvel SNAP Premium subscription unlocks our Matchups table, with thousands of games for each archetype for you to know who is the top dog of every encounter.

For this Arishem-dominated meta, the only other decks currently giving Arishem a run for its money when it comes to gaining cubes are Cerebro 3, Darkhawk, Thena, and Hela Tribunal. Most of these are seeing fringe play at the moment, but you might see them gaining momentum if Arishem continues to be such a dominant force in the meta.

Marvel SNAP Meta Report (Ranked) — July 6th, 2024 (8)

We want to hear from you! How do you like the current meta? What deck have you been able to find success with? Let us know over at @UntappedSNAP on Twitter/X or in our Discord Server, and make sure to check back soon for more Deck Guides, Card Reviews, and everything else you need to know about Marvel SNAP!

All our stats are Powered by data, not opinions, and backed up by thousands of games. Our Marvel SNAP Meta Tier List and Deck database includes a variety of lists that will allow you to find the perfect deck to play and even replacements for cards you are missing. Sync your collection to filter for only decks you can build.

For a look at the decks performing well in Conquest mode, make sure to visit our Conquest page.

Marvel SNAP Meta Report (Ranked) — July 6th, 2024 (2024)


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