Best meta Marvel Snap decks tier list for April 2024 (2024)

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If you want to dominate your opponents and climb the rewards ladder, you need the best Marvel Snap decks. We’ve assembled the best decks for April 2024 in one place so you can focus on winning games.

The Marvel Snap meta is constantly changing as players develop new answers to dominant decks. With developer Second Dinner implementing changes to cards from time to time through major monthly patches and over-the-air (OTA) balance updates, the best Marvel Snap decks keep changing. Keep reading to find out what the top-performing decks are this month.


Toxic Sera Surfer

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The Toxic deck, which uses Hazmat’s ability to inflict negative Power to all cards (while Luke Cage protects your cards from the debuff), has been an established strategy in the meta for a long time. It wasn’t considered a top-tier meta deck before, but its emerges today as one thanks the Sera Surfer package.

Your main game plan simple: Spam the On Reveal abilities of Hazmat and Silver Surfer. That’s why the deck includes the famous Wong and Mystique setup, alongside Odin—to potentially use both of these cards’ abilities as many times as you can. The deck also runs various three-Cost cards with a toolbox of abilities to take advantage of Silver Surfer’s Power boost.

Standard Destroy

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The standard Destroy deck is one of the most consistent and reliable decks in Marvel Snap. It has a straightforward strategy, which is to Destroy your own cards to gain a handful of advantages at different stages of the game. This includes buffing your cards’ power, lowering your cards’ Costs, gaining additional Energy, and more.

Deadpool, Wolverine, and X-23 are your main Destroy targets, while Carnage, Killmonger, Venom, and Deathlok facilitate your Destroy strategy. The deck also runs the classic Knull and Death finisher duo, as well as Forge and Hulk Buster to further boost the Power of your Destroy targets.

Hela Tribunal

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Hela Tribinual is considered one of the best decks in the game due to its high-risk, high-reward mantra. It can create a ton of Power at your locations thanks to Hela’s combo to resummon all your discarded units at once, with the help of MODOK and Invisible Woman. It’s a proven and reliable strategy despite its consistency issues.

Red Hulk’s arrival also helped the deck gain more Power. Living Tribunal is still a staple, which equally distributes your total Power to all locations. The deck also inclides various massive Power sources like Iron Man, Onslaught, and The Infinaut.


Thanos and Friends

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With the arrival of new support cards for Thanos, this new iteration of the established meta deck is the most effective one in today’s meta. Hope Summers adds more utility thanks to her ability to give you bonus Energy, while Mockingbird becomes a cheap-Cost card with a stable nine Power if you play the Infinity Stones.

Standard Lockdown

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Marvel Snap‘s lockdown decks have proven one of the most effective strategies. They manipulate the board to potentially disrupt your opponent’s setup. With Storm’s ability to flood a location, and cards that overcome locations’ restrictions like Nightcrawler, Jeff the Baby Land Shark, and Vision, you can surprise your opponent with clever plays they didn’t see coming.

Standard Discard

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The classic Discard deck is working well in the current Snap meta. It’s a consistent deck engine that doesn’t require much complicated thinking and setup to work. With the arrival of Daken, you have another potential massive Power source. But if you don’t draw well, especially in the early game, and you can’t discard units like Apocalypse, Swarm, and Wolverine, you better think twice about whether you can still win—or just retreat.


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Ever since Annihilus arrived in Marvel Snap, the Junk strategy has solidified itself as a meta staple because of its unique approach to converting defense to offense for your side. Junking your opponent’s side of locations with unnecessary units is the name of the game for this deck.


High Evolutionary

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Aside from Thanos, High Evolutionary is another Big Bad card with its own archetype of decks. The abilities of the Evolved creations revolve around two mechanics—retaining unspent Energy after your turns and inflicting negative Power on your opponent’s cards.


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The classic and reliable Patriot deck is still a powerful contender. Your game plan is to simply play or create as many vanilla units as possible, then use Patriot to boost them in the late-game. Onslaught is a great finisher as it doubles the Ongoing effects of cards at the same location. Blue Marvel is another good Power-booster, since it gives plus-one Power to all of your cards whether they have abilities or not. This strategy may be a bit predictable, but it never gets old and is definitely fun to play.

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Best meta Marvel Snap decks tier list for April 2024 (2024)


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