Best Marvel Snap Decks Tier List (June 2024) (2024)

The Best Marvel Snap Decks

Welcome to our Marvel Snap best decks tier list where I try to cover all of the top decks in the game. In this article, I’ll be covering what I believe are the best decks in the meta, with a focus on high rank Infinite.

The meta underwent a large shift last week, but this week hasn’t changed too much. We’re still seeing a lot of point strategies revolving around cards like Gilgamesh, Thena, etc.

Because of that, this update won’t have as many changes, but expect more changes to definitely come with the release of a new season pass.

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Marvel Snap Deck Tier List

Let’s get right into the tier list. Be sure to use the table of contents on the sidebar to jump to different decks.

  • S – Surfer
  • S – Zoo
  • S – Ravonna
  • S – Loki
  • A – Bounce
  • A – Negative Tribunal
  • A – Phoenix Force
  • A – Sera Control
  • B – Destroy
  • B – Cerebro 3
  • B – Hela
  • B – Wong
  • B – Galactus


Overall, the decks in this list will be more catered to Ranked/Ladder than Conquest. Conquest is a very high skill format, but most players seem to prefer Ladder now that there’s Infinite ranks.

Credits to for their deck builder and images sourced from their website.

Lastly, there are many more deck archetypes that we would consider to be C tier. While I would put some decks in C tier, the list would get too long if I put every single archetype I can think of. As such, we’re mainly showing some decks in B, the semi-competitive/niche decks.

Surfer – S-Tier

Best Marvel Snap Decks Tier List (June 2024) (1)

Surfer Decklist:

  • 2-cost:Hazmat
  • 3-cost:Ironheart, Mystique, Brood, Magik, Silver Surfer, Luke Cage, Sebastian Shaw
  • 4-cost:Wong, Absorbing Man
  • 5-cost:Sera
  • 6-cost:Odin


With the meta shifting quite a bit, many decks are simply looking to output tons of points on the board. Surfer excels very much at doing this.

The deck can even run Killmonger if you’re running into a lot of Zoo decks. Hazmat works as a Zoo counter as well, lowering the Power of the entire enemy board.

You can also opt to run Hope Summers instead of Sera to achieve a similar effect without Magik. This deck simply goes all in on the combo aspect with cards like Magik, Wong, Odin, and Absorbing Man.

Zoo – S-Tier

Best Marvel Snap Decks Tier List (June 2024) (2)

Zoo Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Ant-Man, Nebula, Nico Minoru, Squirrel Girl
  • 2-cost: Dazzler, Jeff
  • 3-cost:Caiera, Shanna
  • 4-cost: Ka-Zar
  • 5-cost:Blue Marvel, Gilgamesh, Mockingbird


As a deck, Zoo is very simple and straight forward. You have lots of low cost cards and just play them out. There are a few different variations of Zoo, but they all run things like Ka-Zar, Blue Marvel, Gilgamesh, and Squirrel Girl.

You look to flood the board with cards and overwhelm your opponent with points.

Caiera is a nice tech card if you’re running into a lot of Killmonger decks, but you can run other things like Nocturne as well. The deck is somewhat flexible, but has a main core of cards almost every Zoo deck runs.

Ravonna – S-Tier

Best Marvel Snap Decks Tier List (June 2024) (3)

Ravonna Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Kitty Pryde
  • 2-cost: Angela, Thena, Jeff, Ravonna Renslayer, Mysterio
  • 3-cost:Morph, Sage, Nocturne
  • 5-cost:Iron Man, Mockingbird, Sasquatch


Ravonna has become a premier engine for outputting points. Cards like Thena and Sage have added enough support to the low power card pool to make this deck a top meta threat.

While the deck suffers against things like Mobius, you generally don’t have to worry too much about him in Ladder. In Conquest, Mobius will likely be very prevalent, but for an Infinite Climb, this deck has plenty of power.

Loki – S-Tier

Best Marvel Snap Decks Tier List (June 2024) (4)

Loki Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Kitty Pryde, Quinjet, Snowguard
  • 2-cost: Angela, Thena, Cable, Jeff
  • 3-cost: Elsa Bloodstone, Red Guardian, Agent Coulson
  • 4-cost: Shang-Chi, Loki


Loki never really falls out of the meta. The deck simply has a strong foundation. In the current meta, playing Loki into Bounce/Zoo decks can be very effective if you steal the right cards.

Because of this, some Loki decks are even running Blink. Playing Red Guardian/Agent Coulson on turn 4, into Blink on turn 5 can guarantee Loki from your deck.

You would need to cut Shang-Chi for Blink to guarantee it. This adds a bit more consistency to the deck as you essentially have a second copy of Loki in your deck.

Bounce – A-Tier

Best Marvel Snap Decks Tier List (June 2024) (5)

Bounce Decklist:

  • 1-cost: The Hood, Kitty Pryde, Rocket Raccoon, Nico Minoru, Titania
  • 2-cost: Angela, Beast, White Widow, Falcon
  • 3-cost: Green Goblin, Sage, Bishop


Bounce can definitely put a lot of Power on the board, and it has a lot of potential. Professor X decks were difficult for Bounce decks, so the nerfs to Prof X move the deck up a bit.

You can also adjust the deck to run other power cards like Sasquatch, Werewolf, Hit-Monkey, etc. While the main core is the same with cards like Beast, Angela, Falcon, etc, having more niche power cards or tech options can give you surprise wins against opponents.

Overall, Bounce is another deck that simply looks to vomit points on the board. You also have the upside of spreading your points in very unique ways compared to a deck like Zoo.

Negative Tribunal – A-Tier

Best Marvel Snap Decks Tier List (June 2024) (6)

Negative Tribunal Decklist:

  • 2-cost: Psylocke, Ravonna Renslayer
  • 3-cost: Mystique, Magik
  • 4-cost:Mister Negative, Jubilee, Super Skrull
  • 5-cost: Iron Man, Blue Marvel, Sera
  • 6-cost:Onslaught, Living Tribunal


Living Tribunal is a known quantity, and the deck hasn’t really changed much. However, with Hela out of the picture, Tribunal fills the itch for combo players.

Mobius hasn’t shown up too much this meta (yet), and many decks simply compete for power. Luckily Tribunal is very good at competing for power.

As time passes I fully expect more decks to pack things like Rogue/Enchantress/Mobius. Some decks are already trending toward this direction.

Phoenix Force – A-Tier

Best Marvel Snap Decks Tier List (June 2024) (7)

Phoenix Force Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Ghost-Spider, Human Torch, Nico Minoru
  • 2-cost: Carnage, Multiple Man
  • 3-cost: Venom, Deathlok
  • 4-cost: Shuri, Phoenix Force, Iron Lad
  • 5-cost: Nimrod
  • 6-cost: Arnim Zola


Phoenix Force continues to be a solid choice. Professor X was a tough counter to the deck, but you could play The Living Tribunal to play around it.

With Professor X out of the meta, we’re seeing the classic Shuri Nimrod package come back. This deck is generally resistant to tech cards, and has a strong power ceiling.

Sera Control – A-Tier

Best Marvel Snap Decks Tier List (June 2024) (8)

Sera Control Decklist:

  • 2-cost: Shadow King, Invisible Woman, Jeff, Maximus
  • 3-cost:Killmonger, Mobius, Red Guardian, Nocturne, Gladiator
  • 4-cost:Shang-Chi, Ms. Marvel
  • 5-cost:Sera


Sera Control is an older archetype that hasn’t been meta in quite a long time. With the meta where it currently is, having access to a multitude of tech cards is very powerful.

You have answers for just about every deck, assuming you draw them. In general, Sera Control is a very strong deck. However, your mileage may vary since it’s generally a harder deck to play.

You actively need to predict what your opponent is doing/wants to do to do well. While you should do this for every deck, some decks are just easier to play as you follow a simpler game plan.

Destroy – B-Tier

Best Marvel Snap Decks Tier List (June 2024) (9)

Destroy Decklist:

  • 1-cost:Deadpool, Nico Minoru, X-23
  • 2-cost: Carnage, Wolverine, Hulk Buster
  • 3-cost:Killmonger, Venom, Deathlok
  • 6+cost: Arnim Zola, Knull, Death


Destroy is another deck that is making a small comeback. This is mainly because the deck is able to run Killmonger, so you have a strong tech card into decks like Zoo and Bounce.

However, the deck still has issues. The deck hasn’t seen much improvement since the buff to Hulk Buster, and counters still exist. Even still, if you love playing Destroy, it’s a fine deck to play.

Destroy has definitely fallen off compared to the past, but it’s somewhat competitive currently.

Cerebro 3 – B-Tier

Cerebro 3 Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Bast
  • 2-cost: Jeff, Quake, Ravonna Renslayer, Sentinel, US Agent
  • 3-cost: Cerebro, Mystique, Killmonger, Mobius
  • 4-cost:Shang-Chi
  • 5-cost: Valkyrie


Cerebro 3 is still a deck you can play, and it has access to tech cards like Killmonger, Mobius, US Agent, Valkyrie, and more. These cards can be quite good in countering decks and you have decent power with the Cerebro package.

Hela – B-Tier

Best Marvel Snap Decks Tier List (June 2024) (11)

Hela Decklist:

  • 1-cost:Blade
  • 2-cost:Colleen Wing
  • 3-cost: Lady Sif
  • 4-cost: Dracula, Jubilee, Black Cat
  • 5-cost:Blink
  • 6+cost: Hela, Magneto, Giganto, The Infinaut, Death


Hela has been nerfed quite heavily. Cards now revive with -2 Power, which is quite substantial. Some players have begun putting Corvus Glaive back in as a way to increase the deck’s ceiling, but the deck hasn’t shown much promise yet.

But who knows, things may change and Hela might find her way back to the top of the meta.

Wong – B-Tier

Wong Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Nebula, Nightcrawler
  • 2-cost: White Widow, Jeff
  • 3-cost: Ironheart, Sage, Nocturne
  • 4-cost:Wong, Iron Lad
  • 5-cost:White Tiger, Namora
  • 6-cost: Odin


On Reveal is still a solid archetype, but the deck has strengths that aren’t as useful in the current meta. The deck is good at spreading Power and buffing up locations, countering Professor X.

With Prof X out of the meta, decks are looking to race up the power ceiling. While On Reveal can put a lot of points on the board, it doesn’t quite compete, and the deck lacks tech cards.

Galactus – B-Tier

Galactus Decklist:

  • 1-cost: X-23
  • 3-cost:Electro, Killmonger, Venom, Wave
  • 5-costBlink
  • 6+cost: Knull, Galactus, Alioth, Ultron, Destroyer, Death


Lastly, we have Galactus. This deck is definitely more of a meme deck, but it’s not bad. You have your Galactus plan, or Wave into Ultron, into Killmonger, into Death + something.

If you can catch opponents off guard, you can easily steal 4/8 cube games. However, many players know about this deck, making it harder to catch people by surprise.


We’ve tried our best to evaluate these decks based on a few key factors:

  • Overall Strength: The first factor is simply how much Power a deck can put onto the board. At the end of the day, Marvel Snap boils down to a numbers game, and decks that can put high Power on the board will be strong.
  • Consistency:Consistency is quite hard to determine for Snap due to the snap mechanics. You can always retreat and make up for it if what your deck does is extremely powerful, albeit difficult to pull off. Even still, being able to enact a similar game plan repeatedly leans to an overall smoother climb.
  • Flexibility:For Marvel Snap, flexibility is somewhat equivalent to “surprise factor.” A deck is flexible if you have a multitude of options that your opponent cannot easily counter/predict. This means you aren’t always enacting 1 gameplan every game, but can adapt based on the situation.
  • Counterplay:Lastly, a deck should also be analyzed based on possible counters. If a deck has the highest ceiling but is easily countered, it may be difficult to win. Conversely, if a powerful deck has space to play it’s own tech cards, that will help it’s overall strength/ranking as well.

This wraps up our Marvel Snap Best Decks Tier List for the “Celestials” season. Stay tuned as we update this tier list as more time passes.

Good luck in your games, and thanks for reading!

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Best Marvel Snap Decks Tier List (June 2024) (2024)


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